Who We Are

Mission Statement

We are a bail bond company in Cobb County that is approved and recognized by this county. As the premier provider of bail bond services in Cobb County, Falcon Bonding is guided by our solid and uncompromising principles:

  • We promote and protect the standard that all Americans are innocent until proven guilty, as well as your Constitutional right to be released on bail prior to trial.
  • We treat you with the highest standards of service, respect, and professionalism in a non-judgmental manner.
  • We promote diversity and tolerance as an essential value in the way we do business.
  • We provide you with a clean, professional, and pleasant environment where you are afforded courtesy, dignity, and respect by our staff.
  • We contribute to our local communities through our service, charity, and compassion.
  • We are ultimately dedicated to your satisfaction on all levels at all time.

Call 404-JAIL-SUX now and see how we deliver the results quickly and fairly! Ask about our affordable payment plans if needed. We also take some types of collateral as down payments and partial payments.

"Long story short I had to bail my brother-in-law out of jail recently. Not mentioning any details, but he was in a lot of trouble and we thought that fighting the case on the streets would be a lot better for him. My wife and I called every bail bondsman we found in the yellow pages. We ended up with Falcon. The location was right near the jail, which made it very easy for us. When all was said and done, we only had to come out of pocket $400. My brother-in-law had to continue payments of $200 until he paid off 10 percent of the actual bail. Great service and very helpful employees. All in all from the time we called to the time my brother-in-law got out was only 4 hours. So if you need help bailing someone out of an unfortunate situation, Falcon Bonding is the number one place."

-Wayne S.  - Acworth, GA