FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is bail required in Cobb County?    

Bail assures the court that the defendant comes back for their scheduled court appearances.

Do I need to act quickly if my loved one just called me from jail?                          

Yes, the faster you call Falcon Bonding (770) 333-3330, the faster we can start the process for you.

How is the bail amount set?                     After the arrest, the court or jail will choose an amount based upon the alleged offense or crime.  Sometimes if the arrest was on a warrant outstanding, the amount of the bond is already calculated prior to the arrest.

Why do most people use a bail bondsman?                                                   Bail typically can be thousands of dollars. When someone does not have the cash or financial resources available to post bail, a bail bondsman can serve the financial need.

Why is this process so complicated?            

The bail process is not overly complicated. Call Falcon Bonding today and we can handle many of the phone calls for you. We can help you through this process with expert advice and courteous service.

What information do you need about my loved one or friend? 

  • The name of the jail they’re in – city or county jail
  • Booking number
  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Bond amount

“The representative from Falcon that I worked with took the time to help alleviate all of the fears I had conjured up in my head, and really explained to me exactly what to expect and where to go. I really don’t think I could have coped as well as I did throughout this ordeal if it hadn’t been for Falcon Bonding.”
– Brenda J. - Cartersville, GA